Marine Lee Riley plus 42lb's running up Tower 42 for Shelter
Just a couple more floors to go legs. Don’t stop me now…
The first World Record
Heading to the finish line for the half marathon World Record, carrying a 40lb pack. 1 hr 36 min 56 sec by Lee Riley (UK)
tower 42
Running up Tower 42, in Royal Marine weighted kit
For a great cause Today, I  stood at the bottom of London’s 3rd highest skyscraper to run up the 42 floors. I did this event also wearing the coveted Green Beret, combat boots and a 42lb Infantry bergan, whilst in full combats from my Royal Marine Commando days, of serving 10 years. This included being attached to UK Special Forces and specialising in mountain warfare, most notably cold weather, from the exercises in the Arctic. The event is called ‘Vertical Rush’ running up tower 42 in the city, to raise funds and profile for the Shelter charity.
As a athlete and consulting personal trainer I hold 5 World records from running the 400 m, 1 mile, 5000 m, 10000 m and half marathon, plus carrying a 40lb’s pack, the recognised Guinness World record weight, based upon carrying military assault weight, into battle. In 2013 the BBC endorsed me, ‘The World’s Fittest Man’ from the combination of holding all the World Records from sprinting to marathon at once with the weight. No other athlete, has ever had this diversity across the fitness spectrum, in any sport or fitness display. With alsorts of challenges and conditioning over the last 20 years, the most relevant, I could compare it to, was running up Mt Snowden with 40lb’s in under 90 minutes, though It was not as Intense as Tower 42, filling the legs up quickly with lactic. I had never ran, in boots, in a similar type of environment.This certainly added to the feeling of the legs being zapped of energy, whilst each step was notably taller than most tower blocks I had walked or ran up. You cant stop, you simply push and carry on, being amused of the occassional floors exits of office workers cheering, having a excuse to get a way from their desk.
I felt a Intense comparable perhaps, of the kind of pain, some people maybe facing on the London Streets.  One of my favourite type of fitness, is military training. I realised this in the Marines, when I found my natural talent with running with weight on my back. A bergan (pack), is a home to me, a military thing. For example, it was luxury to pull your sleeping bag out of your bergan for 30 minutes, never mind a tent, It’s your house on your back, Marines can carry alsorts to fight and survive, whatever the weight. Doing challenges, is a personal motivator, to help more people get shelter, when we all mostly live in our palaces and take so many simple pleasures for granted.
I have moved to south London in the last 6 months, where my partner is from. A little different from my relaxed roots, of Cheshire towns,  Crewe and Nantwich and had been pondering on a worthy challenge for a while, a little challenging in itself, since Ive done so many. The Vertical Rush challenge, running up the highest tower available in the UK, with the weight, will help the charity get more press and funds, with your help, In which has and will continue to solidify my focus, for quality training in this mad busy city, for a purpose to do some good.
All I want to do is, continue to raise a pack of money for Shelter, and generate a selfless greater awareness, now I have made it too the top of tower 42, running as fast as possible, with the weight. I was pleased in conquering the tower in 9.45, sub 10 was my goal. I was even more please with the dry, sore throat I received, minutes after getting to the top. Once my adrenaline had dropped, It was clear hiw stuffy and hot the challenge had been.
Vertical Rush is in it’s 8th year and they are hoping to raise more than £365,000 this year. With 1200 expected runners today, it’s they’re biggest yet. Vertical Rush is also Shelter’s flagship fundraising event of the year. I  think that Shelter, hosting there event, in one of the most richest financial sectors in the World, Ironically for the homeless, deserve to get better financially blessed with the Institutions In and around tower 42.
Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving – they’ll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity. So it’s the most efficient way to donate – saving time and cutting costs for the charity. Any Tenner’s or gold nuggets are much appreciated from your shelter to another!
Please donate what you can spare to
Or please text UKRM99 £ (whatever you can spare) to 70070
If you want to know more about how I can help you, achieve your body, high performance and fitness results to Live your Dreams, text me on 07745287436, email me on info@leeriley,fitness, check out my site and, or watch my video on

Yours in Health and Fitness

Lee Riley


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New LeeRiley.Fitness & E Book for NOV 2015 release to be Confirmed..!




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Riley Fitness Moves To London!


‘Riley Fitness London is Officially Open’, to Train with your very own Royal Marines Commando Elite Personal Trainer Lee Riley. Lee has also being endorsed by the BBC as the World’s Fittest Man, by the 5 Fitness World Records he holds from Power to Endurance fitness categories. In fact he is the only ever athlete in the world to have done this!

Seeing is believing so watch the VIDEO …This will highly Motivate you!.

For anyone thinking of improving themselves, for  Body transformations, health, fitness goals, sports nutrition, improving motivation, perhaps a big occasion, like your wedding, whatever personal goals you may have get in touch with Lee at Riley Fitness.

Lee trains with his clients, majority of the times outdoors, it makes a lot of sense If you think about it, especially when most people sit down and our indoors most of the day, without even looking up and seeing the sky!

The sessions are always consistently different, adding much variety and fun, to the unknown, to shock the body and mind even further, to produce you even greater results with Lee’s own style of efficiency. No one has ever complained of boredom! This includes parks like Victoria and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, which is non comparable to the likes of a underground gym, like on a tread mill and getting away from your work and home. Once people literally see the light with Lee, results come fast!

You simply will not find a fitter trainer, having served 10 years in the Royal Marines, Para trained, attached to the SAS and being a Expert Independent Trainer for nearly 10 years. Lee will lead by example and Lee’s more than happy for you to challenge him at anything.

Majority areas of London covered from Central London, the City of London, Canary Wharf too Stratford!


- Islington
- Hackney
- Tower Hamlets
- Newham

Contact Lee at Riley Fitness London

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Ultimately your standard of results and service, will only fall down to one thing. How good is your personal trainer!

There are 1000′s of cheap average trainers, who don’t know much, do a lot, inspire a lot….! I get so many people telling me this, so read on, save your life and hopefully I might be able to teach you something, with your time here!

Simply the proof is in the pudding!



The more you read, research and check out my evolving content, the more time you will save and importantly live.

Checking out videos from the Riley Fitness channel. The highlights include the marathon, mile and 400 metre full film versions (basically the longer versions shown)…

Understand I only take on committed people, who can grasp the true value of living the dream via my life, fitness experience, tailoring it just for you!

If you are not committed to realise, that you would be hiring the world’s fittest man for your personal life investment, whilst having to work physically and mental hard DO NOT CONTACT ME!!!


Your’s in living the dream.


The World’s Fittest Man



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NEXT Training Goal ! What is yours ? And how are you getting there ?


Perhaps you don’t realise, perhaps you do. I have got news for you!


It should Never end!


Your individual Focus is the key to your healthy successful life!


It does not matter, whatever you have finished. You have got to keep moving forward and find the NEXT Inspiration, the NEXT Training Goal!


There must be a physical training routine, towards your goal in there somewhere. However it flows alongside in your life. Remember your career, motivation, health; confidence… will take BIG drops in standards if you don’t maintain you’re Focus.


This is what STOPS your mind, body, fitness and muscles from getting FAT!


What is your NEXT Training Goal? What are you doing about it? Write in and tell me, your NEXT phase of your life, I would love to hear all about it. If I can help with any questions, just ask me!


If you’re not sure what to do NEXT. I have listed a diverse range of options for you to consider. What you want most out of your body, is one of the initial key questions for you to ask yourself, constantly!


You have the Christmas party to attend, look great, impress and feel amazing.

You’re going on holiday, with all the obstacles and temptations of Christmas, beforehand.

The New Year brings, new work tests and challengers, essential to further your career.

The dream wedding, on the horizon.

You cannot let the race of your dreams, let slip by you anymore.

This special person, you want to impress.

The competition is starring you down; you have to win over your opponent/s.

You want to real see, where your true greatness and potential lies.

You believe, you have tried everything. You just need to be more active.

It’s about time, you had the beach body.

You need to get a grip and spice up your training, between the in and the outdoors.


No one ever said it would be easy. Exactly!


Otherwise what is the point and where is your reward!


So what training goal, have you decided to do then?


Take action and follow it through!




Lee Riley

The World’s Fittest Man

Endorsed by Muscle & Fitness Magazine.

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How to get the best from your Football, Wedding and Commando Season

New wedding slide v3a


More people are starting to realise Riley Fitness is where you come if you want the world’s fittest man, football trainer or commando for starters… Riley Fitness is recognised for training footballers* (plus additional footballer’s wife’s), brides, grooms, professionals and wannabe Royal Marine Commandos. Especially since we have acheived a 100 % pass rate for all our clients that went on their potential Royal Marines course (PRMC), to get on to Royal Marine training and enjoy a great career. Simply my clients get the best personal development that I can muster, making you my mission, this is my motivation. I cannot stand letting some one down, I am a little old fashioned I find, to most people I come across. What is my failure? Well only when I fail to go passed my own expectations, though passed the other current world standards, when the necessary preparation and foundation has being applied within our team work. What am I on about? Well I suggest you have a look at my website and scroll down other blogs in the archives, to get the real picture.


Whatever type of training we do together, like my personal wedding training above. Don’t worry you don’t have to get married, or repeat the process of emptying your bank account, or your parents. You may see the trainer, or not? The piece of foot wear. You need to get your trainers on and get moving. I will show you the best ways, for the best winning body, shape and fitness you want, no matter how high your goals are. Our own personal challengers is what sets us apart from one another, you would not be reading this, if you thought it would be easy, otherwise why bother to put the effort in. One life, one shot, I swear by. You might as well do it properly, rather than have regrets of what if?


As a look forward.

I will return, with more on, one of my latest client’s goals, literally as the weeks roll on. *I have being working full time with this special footballing talent in North West England for the last two weeks. Liam Evans of Port Vale Football Academy. Liam has one of those one life, one shot moments. Come this December sometime, currently unknown to the day. Will he make the grade of achieving his professional football contract with Port Vale? After December has passed Liam and his other team mates don’t ever get another chance, in life! Liam is taking no chances and is with me, not to improve his football skills, but his fitness. He and his father recognise as do some football clubs, having a top level fitness foundation and more importantly maintaining it (the fun part) is the key to being a successful professional footballer.


I developed defender Danny Collins, then at Premiership side Stoke, now Captain of Nottingham Forrest. As a bonus, in regaining his International form, he scored 2 goals, from not having scored for over  2 years, not bad for playing at the back. Liam is a good lad. He knows this is the biggest test of his life, to perform. I have developed a variety of progressive training plans, for Liam to get ahead of the pack and be number one on the squad. I have told him from day one, he is already a professional footballer. Bearing in mind he has been playing since he could walk and he turned down to be signed for Manchester United when he was 8 and 10 years old. He is a professional in his mind-set; all he needs to do is get the piece of paper! I am not resting on my laurels with Liam’s dreams. Onward and upward to December. By the way, Liam has already admitted he thought he knew what training was, until we started. Between me and you (he’ll be too tired to read this) he has a lot of fun surprises to come, from my Cheshire personal training. Just you wait and see.

Live your Dreams


The World’s Fittest Man.







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If you want something bad enough you will do it

P1080101It is that simple! If you don’t have the hunger, for whatever it is that you believe you want, you will fail!

Yes we could all scrape the grade and believe we have succeeded. Deep down you know if you have made the grade or not. It is what we have inside us that tell us, if we have won the battle or lost the war. So the title of this blog could also be. “Who do you want to be”? This gives us much greater direction as a person. This statement takes presidents, compared to “what do you want to be” as the shallower thinking statement.

Success, is surely why we are all here right? Or perhaps you just want to go backwards in life. What are own personal levels of achievement are, it simply does not matter. In the end I believe, if it does are health, mind and body some good we can’t go too far wrong, giving us the freedom to fight another day. We are all very similar creatures in many respects, with the difference of standards and levels in which make us feel content enough to achieve our own relative satisfaction.

I did say. “Who do you want to be”? If you can stick with anything long enough. A task, a job, an exercise routine, perhaps a person? You are defining who you are. Do you need to change things, to alter your path, since your course is more fantasy and you believe your world is artificial. Ultimately we have come full circle to “If you want something bad enough you will do it”. If you have nothing worth getting up for, is there any point in living. We all have something, no matter how small, that we can expand on to live our dreams. Have a think about who you are and where you are going…

In life, I thrive on learning! I mean, I am like a hoover I just love to better myself, learning as if I will live forever. Ultimately if we don’t keep learning and keep things fresh we just become boring and stale. I get a lot of people and companies, offering all sorts of opportunities, with all types of relationships to be had. Discovery Learning is a company that I believe is worth having a look at. Why?

Simply, it is one of the best value types of fitness course providers in the country! Covering the majority of the fitness topics, ranging from one day to long term learning qualifications in the fitness industry. If you can teach any given subject, you will certainly have more confidence to know the subject and yourself much better. So what am I getting out of it? Purely a bit of advertising from there very well designed branded website, which I can see is going places!  Alan Jackson the owner contacted me directly. Since we hit it off, this is where our relationship begins…

I love to hear from my readers. If you have any comments or questions that I could help with, just write in.

Live your dream.


Lee Riley

The World’s Fittest Commando

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Your Strength of Mind Is What Makes the Difference

2012_Lee Riley Art Museum_1339_WEB

Hi my name is Lee Riley. Believe it or not. I am the World’s Fittest Man, endorsed by the BBC this year. My ethos in life is all about. “I will do whatever it takes to overcome mental and physical challenges to achieve goals”.

This blog will back up, that you don t have to be an athlete to achieve. It is all in the mental and physical preparation. I don’t mean that you have to break the law. I mean that you may have to push the boundaries, in your life circumstances, to achieve your goals.

It’s inside all of us; the strength to do whatever it takes to overcome even the most challenging mental and physical tests in order to achieve our goals. When the challenge is physical, you need to be fit – but your mind must be strong too. Whatever challenges we face, the best we can do is believe in ourselves. In life, you must first set yourself a target. Choose wisely, aim high, and then break your ambitious goal down into smaller achievements – these are the first steps to success.

Using my personal experience as an example, it’s this ethos I’ll be passing on to the brave band of participants who are signing up to take part in Survive The Yomp. As an Ambassador for the Commando Spirit Appeal, I will be helping to prepare men and women from all walks of life for a thirty mile hike through the rough terrain of ‘Commando Country’ in the Scottish Highlands this September.

As a former Royal Marine, it’s really poignant for me to sign up to support the Commando Spirit Appeal. I know first-hand the importance of mind over matter and among the toughest challenges I faced as a Commando was The Yomp – an all-day final exercise of basic training. I was carrying over 8 and a half stone on my back, plus a machine gun and an anti-tank weapon in my bergan.The heat rose to over 30 degrees. Our troop was spread over a mile long patrol, like a snake. Led by our troop officer, we did not know how long we had to yomp for and where we were going. Most of us ran out of water. This was planned. I knew this was a make or break test, being so close to obtaining the coveted Green Beret. I had worked too hard to get here. More so, I had pride in myself and would not be beaten. Each step got me closer to the end of this challenge.I remember very clearly, what the Commando Training Centre (CTC) Commanding Officer said after completing our final commando test, this 30 miler with battle kit across Dartmoor.”You have all set new standards. You will never forget the efforts that have been required to become part of the Royal Marine family. You now have set the bench mark for your own futures”.

How do you know you can’t achieve it, until you try? My life has been a series of challenges. I started on the road to stepping outside my comfort zone a long time ago. My love of fitness began by winning at school sports days. Despite being an overfed chubby kid, I had power in my legs.

After that first taste of success, my focus on fitness quickly became a way of life. I knew then that I’d been bitten by the bug and from then on just getting fitter and better was my goal. After leaving school, I joined the British Armed Forces and eventually joined the military’s most elite force – the Royal Marines Commandos. I knew what I had to do in order to become who I wanted to be. The sooner you realise your goals, the sooner you can realise your potential. In the military I learned some of my biggest life lessons, particularly the importance of mental as well as physical fitness.I have always believed that when you’re mentally and physically fit you can do anything. This continues to be one of my biggest life motivators.

Royal Marines are highly motivated, positive and fun people who bring out the best in each other – whenever you can in life, endeavour to surround yourself with positive people. After ten years of service, I felt ready for a dramatic life change. I was hungry to learn how much I could really achieve on my own. I wanted to make my mark. It was at this point my mum had a heart attack and I really woke up. I wanted to do something that I wasn’t sure was possible and do something uplifting for my mum and for charity.

Within a week I started my solo 150 mile run, cross country, with all of my supplies on my back from a planned route coast to coast. This challenge really unlocked my potential. Soon I discovered all the Guinness world records I could smash whilst running with a 40lb pack on my back! My new hunger grew. I continue to step outside my comfort zone, from earning my green beret to taking on the world record attempts, being challenged competitively…

I’m looking forward to supporting the participants as they prepare to Survive The Yomp. They’ll be experiencing a little of what it is like to train as a Royal Marine and, for me, joining the Royal Marines was one of my best life decisions. It taught me a lot about myself, particularly my mental and physical limits. The more you understand about yourself, the more you can develop your mind and body and go further than you thought possible.

It is so important to visualise, your goal. Your mind is the key. Without the mind, there is nothing. The conditioning of the visualisation creates the ‘will’.The will to win, the will to go beyond, when the body is hurting and wants to quit.

The mental aspect is more important than the physical. The will drives you every step closer to your goal – strength of mind is what makes the difference.

Lee Riley is one of the Ambassadors for the Commando Spirit Appeal, which aims to raise £1m for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund 2014. Lee will be supporting participants who are taking on this year’s Commando Spirit Challenge, Survive The Yomp. Survive The Yomp will take place around the iconic settings of Achnacarry and Spean Bridge – known as ‘Commando Country’ from its days as the training ground of the elite Royal Marine Commandos during World War II. The area was the training ground for more than 25,000 allied commandos and its rugged, remote terrain will offer participants a true challenge of fitness, stamina and mental strength.Learn more and find out how to take at

Fitness and Exercise, UK Impact, Royal Marines, Challenges, Commando Spirit Appeal, Mind, Strength, UK Lifestyle News.

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How Fit are you ? Training for a Race ? Check out the World’s Fittest Man on TV !

The World’s Fittest Man !

Trainer, Speaker and Motivator to the World !

A unique specialist, for the fittest training programs for ANYONE who wants to be fit, to a super human athlete !

The number 1 and first expert to train and run with heavy packs !

Showing you, that with the right health and mind set.

You can be the World’s Fittest !

As promised, with the BBC. Enjoy.

If you enjoy this…

Check out some of my other videos

Never ever rest on your Laurels.

Your’s in Health and Fitness

Lee Riley

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The Fittest Person on the Planet !





Now you know! Since the news is only just out, with a combination of all my achievements being finalised and recognised across the whole spectrum of total fitness!



First Aired Friday 1st March.

On the 1800 BBC North West Tonight program, sports news with Tony Livesey, also BBC Radio 5 presenter.

Or await the NEW link, once updated to the Riley Fitness Channel on U –Tube. The channels normal link is


I have to be honest with you. There is so much going on. I need a film production company to keep on top of all the video footage (professional and amateur) I have.

There is also more TV and Radio pencilled in to come also…!


Follow your Fitness Blogs, under here, to take away something for your own fitness knowledge. Sometimes you have to read things more than once, for it to soak in!

I have a lot to catch up and fill you in, for you loyal and patient followers. There are many stories, like my recent Americas Adventure Challenge, the conclusions have not been properly finalised and put to paper; well that is kind of another story!

Let me say this. I did not bother with Mexico and Cuba in the end. I added in South America, instead, being the continent I have always dreamed of going too. Within four weeks I conquered North, Central and South America, going as far north as Vancouver and as far south as Buenos Aires, with a total of over four mountain peaks with all the kit as the fastest back packer in the world. Some of you would have loved the three hour fitness session I did on the Rocky Steps, in Philadelphia on Christmas Eve (hence the introduction photograph). Thank god, I avoided being arrested in the Peruvian mountains by six police and two military officers…Surfing on a double bed mattress was hell of a blast on the flooded streets of Rio…

Mission Accomplished, on the adventure of a lifetime…!

Now I am the fittest person on the planet!

Just think what my knowledge and motivation could do for you or others!




You can never have enough demand, in whatever you’re into! So if you want me to come and motivate/ speak at your place of work, event, whatever it maybe, get in touch.

The ultimate option for the fastest way, to your body and fitness dreams. Is simply to have 1:1

24 hours a day training, this involves residing at my residence, for the course mutually agreed by both of us.

There is No escape from RileyTraz!

For ALL enquires, go to the link below.

Stay Healthy, positive people.

Never to rest on my Laurels ! I am very, very lucky to have alot of great support and friends. Especially on the continued mission, that have made a significant contribution, of where I am today.

I would like to say a special thanks to Steve Howarth, for his recent ideas and suggestions. Cheers Steve.

Remember Lee Riley is officially The Fittest Person on the Planet!



I hope you like my new motivational slides on the Riley Fitness Website (home page).

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